The Ultimate Touch Football League

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Tel. (416) 989-6666 or Fax: (905) 238-3334

Winter Season 2 2018, Men's - Women's & Co-Ed Application Form

Men/Women/Co-Ed Ed (circle) _________________________

Team Name_________________________________________

Team Colours_________________________________________

Contact Name ____________________________________

Address ________________________________

City/Town ______________________ Postal code ___________________

Telephone: day____________________ evening __________________

fax:_________ email ______________

2) Additional Conatact Name______________________________

Tele:(day)_________________ eve: ______________ email ______________

Level of Competition Requesting(1-5, 1 being highest)______________________

The ___________________________ touch football team agrees to play in the Football League Inc. Winter Season 2 2018, 8 Game Season.

  1. New Teams - We agree to pay $1350 including HST______

Minimum balance of $400 Game 1, $400 Game 2, $150 Game 3 to be paid before the start of each game. Unpaid balances after 3 games will incur an additional fee of $100.00.

Cancellation of team prior to one week before season begins will incur a $50 admin fee and $250 refund will be given. After this time no refund will be given.

Also a $20.00 fee per game will be paid to 1 referee prior to each game.

Please make all cheques payable to The Ultimate Touch Football League INC. By signing this form team rep has read the release, rules and penalties and has explained such to fellow team members.

_______________________________ (Date)________________________

(Signature of team official-must be 18 or older)